1. General

1.1. The website https://rabatcard.com/ and the browser extension RabatCard.com (hereinafter referred to as “RabatCard”)

1.2. These general terms and conditions (hereinafter referred to as “General Terms and Conditions”) relate to all activities (discounts, agreements, offers, promotions and other transactions) that are directly and / or indirectly related to the RabatCard concept.

1.3. RabatCard is only accessible to private individuals (hereinafter referred to as “User”). By accepting these General Terms and Conditions, the User declares not to use RabatCard for professional purposes.

1.4. By ticking the box “ I declare that I have read, read and approved the general terms and conditions ” on the RabatCard website, the User expressly declares to have taken note of the General Terms and Conditions that apply to him.

1.5. The General Terms and Conditions of RabatCard can always be consulted on the website (www.rabatcard.com/terms-conditions) and can be requested by sending an e-mail message to the following address: support @ rabatcard.com.

1.6. Should it be held that a provision of the General Terms and Conditions is wholly or partially invalid, void or unenforceable, this will not affect the other clauses and provisions of the General Terms and Conditions.

1.7. RabatCard reserves the right to unilaterally change the Terms and Conditions at any time. The amended general terms and conditions can always be consulted on the aforementioned website or available on first request by requesting the aforementioned e-mail address. Changes take effect from publication on the website and apply to all existing and future legal relationships with the User. RabatCard also reserves the right to provide additional Terms and Conditions for certain activities. In case of non-acceptance of the amended or additional General Terms and Conditions, the User has the right to immediately stop using the activities of Family Card.

1.8. Not or not temporarily relying by RabatCard on a provision in the General Terms and Conditions cannot be interpreted as a waiver for the future.

1.9. The rights and obligations of the User, included in these General Terms and Conditions, are not transferable to third parties.

1.10. The terms stated by RabatCard, associated with or arising from its activities, are purely indicative. These terms do not bind RabatCard in any way towards the User. Its expiry does not give any right to compensation.

2. Terms Of Use RabatCard

2.1. The User receives a 5.00 EUR welcome bonus on his account upon registration. The aforementioned amount can only be paid out in accordance with Article 5.1. of these General Terms and Conditions.

2.2. The User can only collect cash discounts online on his account by (i) logging in to the RabatCard website (ii) by clicking to one of the participating web shops (ii) enabling cookies on his browser system (iv) the browser during not to close the execution of the order at one of the participating web shops. No cash discounts will be given on purchases that are made in any other way than online (for example by telephone or in person). In addition, no cash discounts are granted if the User uses an Ad Blocker, as this prevents the operation of cookies.

2.3. Cash discounts can also be obtained through a browser plugin developed by RabatCard. This plugin will automatically recognize the participating web shops, after which the User will be informed that upon activation of the RabatCard account, a cash discount can be obtained. In the above case, the User will be able to activate his account directly from the browser plugin, without visiting the RabatCard website. This article only applies to the Google Chrome and Firefox web browser.

2.4. The cash discount accruing to the User is always calculated and awarded on the basis of the net price of the online order. The net price is the selling price less VAT, other discounts and shipping costs. This is subject to approval of the online order by the webshop in accordance with Article 2.6 of the General Terms and Conditions.

2.5. In the event of full or partial cancellation or return by the User of the online order, the saved cash discount will be canceled in whole or in part.

2.6. Cash discounts are definitively awarded to the User after the participating webshop has approved the online order. The approval period differs from webshop to webshop. RabatCard is neither responsible nor liable for whether or not the online order is approved by the participating web shops, as well as for the period within which it was approved.

2.7. RabatCard is informed by the participating web shops of the online orders executed by the User and their processing (approval – cancellation – return). RabatCard is neither responsible nor liable for the correctness of information provided by the web shops. The User must always ensure that the online order is in accordance with the information (awarded cash discount, etc.) provided by Rabat Card on the User’s account. Complaints and comments regarding the information stated on the User’s account can be submitted to RabatCard by sending an e-mail message to the following address: support @ rabatcard.com.

2.8. RabatCard reserves the right to withdraw one or more cash discounts that have been awarded if the participating webshop does not meet its financial obligations with regard to RabatCard itself.

2.9. With regard to the use by the User of the discounts stated on the RabatCard website, RabatCard does not give any guarantee with regard to: the effect of the discounts on the participating web shops; whether or not the discount can be combined with other discounts and / or promotions; any applicable exchange rate risk.

2.10 With regard to the consultation by the User of the web shops mentioned on the RabatCard website, RabatCard gives no guarantee whatsoever with regard to: the operation of these web shops; the price indication; the exchange rate risk applicable to online orders.

2.11. The cash discounts earned, as well as all other benefits obtained from RabatCard, are not transferable to another User or account.

2.12. RabatCard cannot be used by the User in conjunction with similar services / benefits provided by third parties.

2.13. By accepting these General Terms and Conditions, the User undertakes to refrain from any form of unauthorized behavior on the Rabat Card website and related social media.

2.14. Discounts obtained through the use of RabatCard may possibly be withdrawn by the webshop concerned if they were used in combination with another promotion action specific to the webshop.

3. Warranties

3.1. RabatCard makes no warranties for the operation of products or services provided by third parties, nor for any information provided by a third party in this regard. The User can only rely on the warranty obligation of a third-party supplier of products or services. Rabat Card does not provide any additional guarantee in this respect.

3.2. RabatCard is not responsible for incorrectly following instructions / recommendations by the User or for the incorrect use by the User of the information and discounts offered by RabatCard.

3.3. The User is solely responsible for the suitability of his hardware and / or software to use the RabatCard activities. In case of defective hardware / software, Family Card is in no way liable for the negative consequences that would arise from this. The User must always be sufficiently informed about the characteristics, operation, possibilities of use and limitations of his / her hardware and / or software, as well as be aware of possible problems that may arise during adjustment, installation / integration and expansion of the activities and discounts offered by RabatCard.

4. Liability

4.1. Each User uses the RabatCard activities at their own risk. RabatCard declines any liability for the negative consequences arising from its activities. The User is responsible for the management and security of his ICT applications, necessary to gain access to the RabatCard website or activities. RabatCard is not liable for the loss of passwords and usernames or their misuse by third parties. The User always accesses the websites of third parties at his own risk.

4.2. RabatCard is not a seller and / or supplier of the products / services offered by third parties, nor should it be regarded as an intermediary. The purchase of products and / or services from third parties, whether or not on the recommendation or through referral of Rabat Card, always takes place directly from these third parties, without any obligation of result or effort or any other form of guarantee on the part of RabatCard.

4.3. RabatCard cannot be held responsible for:

1. damage that is wholly or partly due to a shortcoming on the part of the User or a third party;

2. liability of the User towards a third party does not give the User any right to make any claim towards RabatCard;

3. the consequences of incorrect or incomplete information made available to the User by third parties;

4. the privacy policy, terms of use or general terms and conditions of third parties;

5. problems or defects at third parties that give rise to the fact that an advantage accruing to the User has not been or will not be recognized or will lapse;

6. direct or indirect damage, consequential damage or other damage arising from or related to the information provided, data loss, computer damage, the actions of other users, the insecurity or inaccessibility of the website or its operation.

4.4. RabatCard’s liability is at all times limited to the value of the benefit to which the User is entitled, with a maximum amount of EUR 100.00. A succession of facts that have given rise to one and the same disadvantage must be regarded as one fact.

4.5. The advice, promotions and similar information formulated by Family Card should be regarded as general information that is made available to the User by Rabat Card without obligation. The User cannot derive any rights from the aforementioned information with regard to the RabatCard, as the User is solely responsible for his inferences or decisions arising from the aforementioned information.

5. Payment Of Cash Discount

5.1. The User is entitled to payment of the cash discount on condition that (i) a minimum balance of 25.00 EUR has been accumulated (ii) a withdrawal request has been addressed to RabatCard in accordance with the instructions on the website (iii) the User has acted in accordance with the General Terms and Conditions. Under no circumstances will there be an automatic payment of the cash discount.

5.2. RabatCard will only pay out the cash discount twice a month, insofar as it meets the conditions of Article 5.1. were satisfied. The aforementioned frequency is purely indicative and can be unilaterally changed by RabatCard at any time. RabatCard denies any liability for damage that would arise on the part of the User for exceeding the payment term.

5.3. RabatCard reserves the right to charge an administration fee of € 0 when paying out the cash discount. These costs are charged to the balance to be paid out.

5.4. RabatCard is not responsible for the correctness of the information provided by the User (address, personal, bank account details, etc.) necessary to implement the cash discount. Any damage resulting from the provision by the User of incorrect information is solely his responsibility.

5.5. The right to receive payment expires after the expiry of a period of 3 years after the minimum balance of EUR 25.00 has been reached. After the aforementioned term has expired, the total amount saved will lapse in full.

5.6. Protests against the cash discount by RabatCard must be addressed to RabatCard within eight days after the date of payment by registered letter or e-mail, under penalty of forfeiture. The protest must always be properly motivated. At the expiry of the aforementioned term, the payment will be deemed to be in accordance with the expectations of the User.

6. Discontinuation Of Use – Refusal Of Access – Expired Activities

6.1. The User has the right at all times to obtain an erasure of his data and account upon first request. The aforementioned request must be submitted via the following e-mail address: support @ rabatcard.com. If applicable, the cash discount will – after all administrative formalities have been completed – be immediately paid out to the User, albeit after deduction of EUR 5 flat-rate administration costs.

6.2. RabatCard has the right to prohibit Users or prospective users from accessing RabatCard’s activities or to close the User’s account when one of the following events or any other event with a similar effect occurs:

if the User violates or threatens to violate these General Terms and Conditions;

if the User uses the activities of RabatCard for professional purposes;

if the User unlawfully accesses or attempts to gain access to the information, working methods, accounts of other Users and other confidential information stored by RabatCard;

if the User has violated or threatens to violate the intellectual property rights of RabatCard.

if an event occurs that is similar to the events described in previous points;

if there is fraud or suspicion;

if damage has been or can be caused to third parties;

improper conduct that brings RabatCard and third parties into disrepute.

6.3. If the User does not access his account for a period of two years, the account and the associated benefits and rights will automatically expire, without any form of compensation or compensation on the part of the User.

7. Complaints

Insofar as no deviating arrangement has been formulated in these General Terms and Conditions, complaints must be reported within 48 hours by e-mail or by registered letter, under penalty of forfeiture. At the expiry of the aforementioned term, the activities of Family Card are deemed to be in accordance with the expectations of the User.

8. Force Majeure

8.1 RabatCard cannot be held liable for the non-fulfillment of its obligations, if this non-fulfillment is due to abnormal and unforeseen circumstances that have arisen independently of the will of RabatCard and the consequences of which despite taking all possible precautions could not be avoided. Problems with the use of telecommunication facilities (including the internet), IT applications, financial transactions, war, traffic jams, strike, fire, flood, and government decisions that have a serious impact on the service provision are always regarded as force majeure.

8.2 Force majeure on the part of a third party that RabatCard relies on in the performance of its activities towards the User will be equated with force majeure on the part of Rabat Card.

8.3 Technical problems at RabatCard or the User can be equated with force majeure if they make the execution of the activities so difficult that adequate and correct execution of the activities would be impossible. If this situation arises, RabatCard has the right to take any interim measures it deems appropriate.

8.4 In case of force majeure, all obligations of RabatCard will be suspended. If the period of force majeure assumes a duration of more than 1 month, and RabatCard is still unable to perform its obligations towards the User, RabatCard is authorized to cease its activities with immediate effect, without if there is any obligation to pay compensation or any other form of compensation for the benefit of the User under Family Card.

9. Data Processing

9.1 By accepting these General Terms and Conditions, the User explicitly gives permission to RabatCard and its employees to use the data made available by the User for the performance of its activities. The User hereby also expressly authorizes RabatCard to process this data internally with a view to carrying out its activities.

9.2. The User undertakes to provide all information (such as identity details, bank account number, etc.) that is necessary for RabatCard to carry out its activities and fulfill its obligations at the first request of RabatCard.

9.3. RabatCard has the right to appeal to third parties for the performance of its activities regarding the User. The User hereby accepts that RabatCard, if necessary, makes confidential information of the User available to third parties.

9.4. The User authorizes RabatCard to process the results of the activities and their use by the User internally on an anonymous basis for marketing purposes, with a view to profiling and offering its services and activities to third parties.

9.5. The User authorizes RabatCard to use his data if this is necessary for:

the fulfillment by RabatCard of an obligation to which one is subject by law, decree or ordinance;

the fulfillment of a judicial decision,

the promotion of the legitimate interests of RabatCard.

9.6. By accepting the General Terms and Conditions, the User also declares to have read, understand and accept the RabatCard Privacy Statement.

10. Intellectual Property

10.1 The website and activities to be found on it are the intellectual property of BVBA 4P MEDIA GROUP, aforementioned.

10.2 The intellectual rights to all activities of RabatCard, as well as to the applied methods, models, descriptions, specifications, modules, documentation, belong exclusively to RabatCard. The techniques, know-how and ideas developed by RabatCard, which are applied / optimized during the activities towards the User, are also the exclusive property of RabatCard. The User cannot assert any claim on the intellectual rights developed by RabatCard.

10.3. RabatCard will not transfer or make available to the User any intellectual property right in the performance of its activities.

10.4 If RabatCard makes use of intellectual rights that are the property of a third party in the performance of its activities towards the User, the license conditions, guarantees, support modalities and other conditions of this third party apply to the use of these intellectual rights. RabatCard will not undertake to provide additional licenses or guarantees with regard to the User.

11. Applicable Law And Competent Courts

Belgian law applies to these General Terms and Conditions, as well as to the legal relationship established between RabatCard and the User. In case of disputes, only the courts and tribunals of the judicial district of East Flanders have jurisdiction.